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We protect our cars from accidents. We protect our houses and possessions against damage.

In fact, we naturally protect a lot of things but often forget about the most important thing of all that funds the things we love in life - and that's our regular income.

It's easy to think "it'll never happen to me" but the truth is life's unpredictable - we never know what's waiting for us around the next corner.

So, if you were unable to work because of an illness or accident, have you considered how you would protect your income? How long would your savings last and what would happen after they ran out?

An Income Protection policy can pay you a monthly income if you can't work because of long term illness or an accident. This income can be used to help pay your bills and living expenses until you recover and are able to return to work.

Put simply - it works when you can't.

We are here to make sure you're fully protected if the worst happens. I can assess all the options available to you and identify the right solution for your needs and your budget.